The Freedom Field Project, a tribute to “OLD GLORY”

First, what is the Freedom Field Project? It is an organization dedicated to honoring the American flag in an indoor and outdoor setting.

The Freedom Field Project is a proposed 30 acre national educational park and entertainment facility dedicated to the flag of the United States of America. “Old Glory”, the universal symbol for freedoms and liberties, has been silent for too long. YOU can become a part of the restoring of the voice of freedom, by supporting The Freedom Field Project. Share in a heartfelt remembrance to those who fought for the flag. Be a part of the educational enlightenment of the next generation of Americans to whom we pass the torch of freedom.

The Freedom Field Project will be located north of the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum along Interstate-75, the American Legion National Highway, in Wapakoneta, Ohio .

The Project has set several goals in its planning of Freedom Field; to advance the education and understanding of the history of our flag and the freedoms it represents, to make the Freedom Field Project available for elementary and secondary school field trips at no cost, and to provide educational scholarships. As a historical and educational facility, Freedom Field Project will teach and instill the traditional meanings of Patriotism, Dignity, Honor and Respect for all human beings. It will provide true accounts of our countries history; the good and the not so good, as it was, and not the way some would like it to be in order to make themselves “feel good”.

Support for this project is coming from individuals, organizations, companies and corporations who have made their livings as a result of the free enterprise system; one of the principles which is represented by the flag we seek to honor. No tax dollars are being solicited by the Project.

There are many direct benefits which will accrue from Freedom Field Project. Students will be able to tour the museum at no cost. The parade grounds will be available for all manner of activities, including patriotic celebrations, band, drum and bugle corps competitions, patriotic pageants and the like. Other areas of Freedom Field Project will be ideal for other functions including July 4th celebrations, memorial ceremonies for veterans and Memorial Day, student and senior citizen programs, to name just a few. There will be economic benefits, not only from the influx of tourist dollars, but also from the creation of jobs directly connected with Freedom Field Project, with other indirect employment created for area business as a result of higher visitor volume.

The location of Freedom Field is strategic. Lying at the intersection of I-75 and U.S. 33, it is adjacent to one of the highest traffic motoring areas in the country. It is estimated that over 20 million vehicle passengers pass by this location each year. Along I-75 is the established attraction – the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum – which yearly brings visitors from all over the world. The location is accessible to 67% of the nation’s population within a day’s drive. The area is close to two airports, three hospitals, and the I-75 corridor gives ready access to Dayton, Cincinnati, Toledo, Detroit and other points both north and south. U.S. 33 allows easy access from Columbus, Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne, Chicago and other east/west points.

The Freedom Field Project, in its indoor/outdoor setting, will be the first of its design in the country. It complements the Neil Armstrong Museum’s depiction of the present and future with a firm foundation in the rich heritage of the past. The vistas of American achievement represented by the Air and Space Museum are the direct descendants of the ideals and principles which are symbolized by the flags of our nation. The importance of flags as symbolic testaments reflects the diversity each state has in its heritage and cultural mix. Each separate and distinct with its own identity while at the same time, unified by a shared belief in freedoms and liberties represented by the flag of the United States of America. It is our hope that you will want to become involved

Support for the project is coming from all directions; people like yourself. Now is the time to preserve your family’s heritage, sacrifice and commitment to the freedoms we all share through The Freedom Field Project Park & Museum. The Park has been envisioned and designed to preserve the history of the greatest symbol of our freedom in America – The United States flag. Americans, past and present have fought both on the battlefield and at home to preserve the freedoms and protections our forebearers prescribed over two centuries ago. Now you, your family, your company or organization, and community can help preserve the history, the freedom and the glory of our flag for generations to enjoy.

Make a difference in the education of young and old alike and show pride in your country by supporting the construction of Freedom Field Project.