Republic Hall


A Historic and Educational Museum Facility

Republic Hall is a 27,000 square foot, colonial style, two-story, multipurpose facility.  The Hall will be the main entrance into the Park and Museum.  It will contain a wide array of flags, presidential and historical documents, memorabilia, history and evolution of the American Flag, the Declaration of Independence, Constitution & Bill of Rights and other very important and significant documents.

Republic Hall will also house an educational film room, wax figures, displays of the Armed Forces and a “Values Tour”; a tour aimed at young citizens stressing the importance of dignity, honor and respect and that the cornerstones for the foundation of the United States of America are Faith, Family and Flag.

A gift shop will be located in the lower level offering quality gifts of historic and educational value.  In the upper lever will be a formal conference/meeting room in addition to offices for the Freedom Field Park and Museum facility.