“Let Freedom Ring”

Donate today to help raise the US Flag at Freedom Field. United “We Stand” 

In order to build our beautiful memorial to the history of the United States of America, we need the help of strong and proud Americans like you. With every donation made, our project is one step closer to becoming a reality, we want to thank and honor our generous donors with the memorials and designations listed below. Scroll to read more about how donating works and how you can contribute to the  creation of a memorial within Freedom Field, or make a donation of your choice by filling out the form below:

Individual Donors

As a thank you for your gift to turning this project into reality, we are offering individual donors a variety of ways to get involved and enjoy their gift based on donation amounts.

  • $25: Day Pass to the Museum
  • $50: Month Pass to the Museum
  • $75: Annual Pass to the Museum
  • $100+: Lifetime Pass to the Museum

Use the form to complete your donation, and we thank you to your dedication to the preservation of our nation’s history.

If you are interested in becoming a Bronze ($100-$500), Silver ($1,500+), or Gold ($10,000) Sponsor of this project, please read more below and contact us to get started on your custom contribution.

Sponsorship Opportunities: Become a Lasting Part Of This Monument


Bronze Donor | $100 – $500

Become a Bronze Level Donor with a generous donation to the creation of the Freedom Walk Brick path. Freedom Walk is an eight-foot wide sidewalk winding throughout the park paved with bricks imprinted with the names of each person, family, organization or community who chooses to make this donation (or the person they choose to honor). The walk will be mapped into sections so that contributors can easily locate their brick while visiting the memorial.

There is perhaps no more thoughtful way to perpetuate the names of those we love and honor than to establish a living and permanent tribute to them. Through the years, the continued use of such remembrances have and will continue to enrich the lives of those who benefit from our generous gifts. Gifts so designated may be given in memory of a departed loved one or as a living tribute in honor of a person held in high regard.

Single Brick $100: For all gifts of $100 or more, a brick will be placed in Freedom Walk; a walk paved with bricks bearing the name, city and state of each donor making a contribution to the Foundation. Bricks can be inscribed with the name of the donor or their designee, which could be the name of one who has served in the US Military.

Double Brick $500: For all gifts of $500, a double-size brick will be placed in Freedom Walk bearing the name, city and state of each donor making a contribution to the Foundation. Bricks can be inscribed with the name of the donor or their designee, which could be the name of one who has served in the US Military.  The double-sized brick can also have a company logo displayed


Our goal is to teach, instill and preserve traditional American values. These values include patriotism, dignity, honor and respect. Your tax-deductible contribution helps to build a place where the Americans can celebrate these values. Now is the time for you, your organization, company or corporation to help preserve the history and the glory of the flag of the United States of America, and; LET FREEDOM RING!

Silver Donor | $1,500 +

Any individual donor making a contribution of $1,500 or more will receive a brick along the Freedom Walk inscribed with their name, city, state, or the name of someone you would like to honor, as well as a lifetime membership (for up to 4 people) to the Freedom Field Memorial and Museum

Gold Donor  |  $10,000 +

Become a Gold level Donor by sponsoring any one of the following locations within the memorial. All Gold level donors will receive a lifetime membership (for up to 4 people) to the Freedom Field Memorial and Museum

$10,000 – OLD GLORY GARDENS: A beautiful floral arrangement of colored flowers horticulturally displaying the American Flag in all its glory. A timeless plaque will be featured in front of this floral garden, featuring the name, city, and state of the generous donor or organization choosing to sponsor this part of the memorial. 

$15,000 – LIBERTY FOUNTAIN: Crowned with the American Eagle, ever flowing waters symbolize that Liberty is not to be taken for granted and preservation of basic freedoms is a continual struggle…that dreams and wishes do come true…that the human spirit seeking justice, equality, and dignity does prevail. A beautiful plaque will be featured on the fountain, proudly displaying the name of it’s generous sponsor 

$25,000 – SPONSOR A FLAG:  65 Flag sets are available to sponsor – including all 50 States, 13 Colonies, the Betsy Ross and Continental flags. Your name and a bit of info about you and your organization will be proudly displayed at the base of the flag of your choice. Forever show your pride for this wonderful country of ours by sponsoring the flag of your home state, or a flag that holds special meaning to you, your family, or you organization. 

$500,000 single Sponsor or five $100,000 Sponsors  – FLAG OF FREEDOM MONUMENT: More than 300′ across, this centerpiece of Freedom Field will feature a 30′ x 50′ United States Flag flying more than 120′ above the ground, anchored in a 15′ high, granite faced pentagon base. This base, surrounded by five reflective pools creating the shape of a star, is encircled by three rings of Freedom Walk displaying all state and colonial flags. The five sides of the base will contain bronze plaques accentuating historical documents such as the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. Stand up for the country you are so proud to be a part of and help continue the education for future generations by honorably sponsoring our country’s U.S. Flag. Your name/organization will be proudly displayed at the base of this glorious monument for all to see. 

NAMING RIGHTS TO FREEDOM FIELD MEMORIAL AND MUSEUM: Does your organization strongly believe in upholding the values and history of this great country of ours? What better way to honor it than by purchasing the naming rights to this wonderful memorial and educational museum. Call The Flags of Freedom Foundation to inquire about this opportunity

Revel in the History of Our Nation

When you donate, you’re helping to bring the Freedom Field Project one step closer to reality. By helping to breathe life into this project, you’re not only contributing to a memorial of the United States’ storied past, you’re also helping to perpetuate those values for generations to come. By donating to this cause, you’re showing the world, the future visitors of the Freedom Field, and everyone around you how proud you are to be an American and that your love for the country is something that you take pride in