Our founders created an America that became the most successful and prosperous nation on earth by building it on a strong foundation. This foundation was Faith, Family and Freedom (Country). Faith in their creator, who gave them certain unalienable rights, including, but not limited to, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The forging of a government whose only purposes were to establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to all — nothing more and nothing less. That is how the founders of America intended it to be. And for good reason — it worked. This is the America we seek to honor.

There have been some shameful issues and periods in our history, some of which still linger on today. The treatment of Native Americans, African Americans and other minorities; slavery, and unequal rights. America is a great nation, where great people, against all odds and opposition, can and do make great strides in righting these wrongs. People like Dr. Martin Luther King, Susan B. Anthony, and Abraham Lincoln, to name a few. These people make up the America we seek to honor.

In many countries, government plays “nanny” to every citizen from cradle to grave. Americans stand on their own two feet, attend their churches, support their families, and turn to them in time of need. They do not look to government to solve all of their problems. Americans take responsibility for themselves and their communities. They do not claim to be victims of some unfortunate part of their lives, which in some way should relieve them from all responsibility for their actions. This is the America we seek to honor.

AMERICA tries to free its citizens, business and industry from excessive regulation, privatizes many government services, and transfers much of the authority and responsibility for social welfare and education to its churches, families and communities where they belong. This is the America we seek to honor.

Many great things have been done to educate the next generation of leaders. Americans know that government can’t solve all issues relating to business, education, health care, the environment and an array of other matters needing little, if any, federal intervention or regulation. History has shown that great people solve great problems, not governments. This is the America we seek to honor.

The Freedom Field Project will reach out to educate people of all ages. For it is education that has the power to mold one’s mind — not laws and regulations.

Our purpose is to cultivate in the largest possible number of our citizens an appreciation of both the responsibilities and the benefits which come to them because they are Americans, and are free.


Dave Christiansen, President/Founder
Freedom Field Project