OLD GLORY GARDENS: A beautiful floral arrangement of colored flowers horticulturally displaying the American Flag in all its glory.

REPUBLIC HALL: A colonial style building containing a wide array of flags, presidential and historical documents, memorabilia, history and evolution of the American Flag, the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and other very important, significant documents.

LIBERTY FOUNTAIN: Crowned with the American Eagle, ever flowing waters symbolize that Liberty is not to be taken for granted and preservation of basic freedoms is a continual struggle…that dreams and wishes do come true…that the human spirit seeking justice, equality, and dignity does prevail.

FREEDOM WALK: An eight-foot wide sidewalk winding throughout the park paved with bricks imprinted with the names of each person, family, organization or community making a specific contributions to Freedom Field. The walk will be mapped into sections so that contributors can easily locate their brick.

PATRIOT FIELD: A parade ground bounded by a walk and flanked with flags representing many of the previous flags that have flown over the United States previous to “Old Glory”. The field itself with natural bowl type slopes will accommodate military bands, drum and bugle corp competitions, and memorial and other celebrations honoring our nation.

FIELD OF HONOR: A salute to American veterans, over one-hundred granite memorial markers; each bearing the names of the major battles fought by Americans for the cause of Freedom. You will see memorials commemorating Iwo Jima, Gettysburg, Bunker Hill, Battle of the Bulge, Inchon and others.

FLAG OF FREEDOM MONUMENT: More than 300′ across, this centerpiece of Freedom Field will feature a 30′ x 50′ United States Flag flying more than 120′ above the ground, anchored in a 15′ high, granite faced pentagon base. This base, surrounded by five reflective pools creating the shape of a star, is encircled by three rings of Freedom Walk displaying all state and colonial flags. The five sides of the base will contain bronze plaques accentuating historical documents such as the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.


The following is a list of major benefits that will accrue from Flags of Freedom Foundation, Inc. and Freedom Field.

  • Preserve and promote the freedoms and liberties represented by the United States flag.
  • Teach and instill traditional meanings of patriotism, dignity, honor and respect for all human beings.
  • Provide educational materials to elementary and secondary schools.
  • Provide educational scholarships to needy students wishing to further their education.
  • Provide assistance to disabled veterans and employers for specialized equipment and training.
  • Student and youth organization tour programs at no cost.
  • Senior citizen tours and programs.
  • Public use of the facility for special events.
  • Provide schools with assembly programs.
  • Create both direct and indirect employment opportunities.
  • Will not be limited to any special interest group.
  • Promote unity and equality.

No tax monies are being solicited by the Foundation.