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A planned grass-roots, living museum dedicated to preserving the great ideals embodied in the Flag of the United States of America for future generations: Democracy, Rights, Liberty, Opportunity, and Equality

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About Freedom Field

The Flags of Freedom Foundation has a mission to preserve the history of this great country for all generations to come – and we need your help. The construction of Freedom Field will provide the people of the United States of America with an educational center and flag memorial, where they can learn and honor the rich history of this country, each state, and the flags they fly high. Your patriotism and faith in this wonderful country of ours should not go unnoticed – Please help us turn this project into reality by donating today.


Instilling our country’s values in the younger generation.


Educating all citizens about the fundamental rights and responsibilities of American citizens


Reminding people what our US flag stands for: freedom and liberty for all individuals.

Teaching Our History

Through the use of flags, we will demonstrate how each state has contributed to our history, each separate and distinct, but all united under the one flag of the United States of America. It’s important to preserve our history for the generations to come to understand our country, the freedoms and liberties our country and state flags represent, and also serve as a remembrance for those we have lost fighting for our flag.

This project will also help educate and instill the traditional meanings of patriotism, dignity, honor, and respect for all human beings. To read more about our mission for creating this American History museum in Ohio, visit this page all about our mission!

How We Will Do This:

In order to create and build the Freedom Field, these are the steps and plans we will be following:

  • Via social media, local marketing, and outreach to national charity groups, we will grow the fanbase and generate interest.
  • Short term: A small monument dedicated to the American flag, placed prominently for the edification and enjoyment of the school community and the community at large.
  • Long term: Obtain ground for the expansion of Freedom Field and work towards building the main Centerpiece Memorial (seen below)
  • With continued growth, will eventually secure the needed assets and property to develop Freedom Field

If you are interested in helping support the Freedom Field and are ready to create something to help educate the community and the generations to come about our flag history, why they are so important, and help preserve US history, please consider donating today. We appreciate every single donation we receive as it helps us get closer to achieving our goal and mission. If you would like to learn more about our mission and goals, please visit our Mission page!

Endorsed By


Veterans of Foreign Wars


Auglaize County, Ohio Commissioners


The American Legion, Department of Ohio


Wapakoneta, Ohio Board of Education




Amvets of Ohio


Wapakoneta, Ohio City Council

The Centerpiece Memorial

The mainstay educational flag memorial will be a beautiful pavilion for visitors to walk through and learn more about our rich flag history and US history relating to our flags. It will contain a 30′ x 50′ Garrison US Flag, surrounded by all 50 State Flags, the original 13 Colonial Flags, the Betsy Ross Flag, the Grand Union Flag, and tons of educational information.

This is just the start and only one part of Freedom Field! From the Republic Hall to the Old Glory Garden, there are many more parts of Freedom Field that will help us advance the education and understanding of our flag and state flags. To learn more about all of the other parts of the Freedom Field, visit our Project page! This page has everything you need to know about the many different aspects of this American History museum in Ohio we are hoping to construct.

How you can help!

Now is the time to preserve the history, the freedom, and the honor of our nation for future generations to enjoy. You can make a difference in preserving our history by supporting Freedom Field! We are committed to helping educate about the ideals that embody our flags — Democracy, Rights, Liberty, Opportunity, and Equality — and our flag history through an effective learning environment and forum for debates. 

At Freedom Field, we believe in the importance of embracing the diverse heritage and cultural mix of each state and their flag history that is unified by the shared belief in freedoms and liberties. These concepts are important to help future generations learn about our country, US history, and how important our flags are in relation to history. In order to achieve these things and construct our American History museum in Ohio, we need your support and help. If you would like to help the Freedom Field project or want to help preserve our country’s history, please donate to help support Freedom Field today and help us continue our mission.

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